Wednesday, 23 August 2000

"Danke schon...."

a'kumss my dearie there..

hi,guten tag.Wie geht es Ihnen? as for me..alhamdulillah. still didn't get 
any terrible sickness atau yg seumpamanya.Danke schon @ terima kasih bebyk 
atas pujian melangit anti tu. i'm sorry sbb lambat skit balas,anyway anti 
pun baru abis cuti and maybe sibuk skit start belajar balik.So,how's study 
skrg? How's your biology? hope's still ok as those in SPM,it's a very 
interesting subject actually and miss it very much since i'm taking 
chemistry as my major.Anyway,maybe i can learn it from you in the future,as 
when you've graduated as a  doctor..Dr.Hasni,hm..very suitable and 
intellectual name..hehe,hope so!.
i'm happy to hear your wonderful story of your holiday last time.
hope it's same for me when i come back home next week.
semalam i 'd read about medicine and surprisingly to tell you that i found 
myself actually like medicine very much.ana baru faham ape itu sebenarnya yg 
diistilahkan sbg perubatan..dlm konteks Islam. rugi jugak rasanya tk amik 
medic or anything equal to it like bio etc.tapi,at least i have u on my side 
to help me if i need help in those fields.
anyway,it's still ok for me to take of what i'm doing right now,cos i still 
can do may MSc or PhD in the field mentioned above,macamane pun atas diri 
kita jer sebenarnya.

i don't have much to say right now,maybe i'me too tired after having 2 test 
yesterday and today..and the lab session just now,so i think i'll write to 
you more when i'm home next week for mid sem break.
lastly, study hard always and remember The God for all the time...
because the Most True Love in asolutely the love to ALlah and His Messenger.


p/s:if u'd like to send to me anything,it's ok but i think me myself maybe 
malas lagi buat masa skrg nak send anything..maybe next time i'll send to 
you BIG letter/gift..!

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