Wednesday, 26 July 2000

"Guten Tag and Wie geht es Ihnen!"


hi,how things going there? hm..seems that you want to fight with your 
Hindustani language hah..nevermind,as long as now i have my own secret 
language -Deutsch- that maybe noone or rarely people will understand it 
so,let's go on.Anyway,if you're really know it better why not teach me 
some!? know i'm actually intersted in hindustan songs..a little bit jer 

ok,back to the point.About the language study,there's about 7 hours of 
german class per week..the longest among others.Means that there's at least 
an hour of german class everyday..fuhh what an enjoyable and indeed 
exhausting one!hmm..actually i've just finish my chemistry lab session just 
now,1400-1600 hrs so i'm very tired and feel to sleep rigth now.ok,macht 
nich..(la baks'),our class has 29 hours per week now and it will 
increased next time due to tutorial class which will be held ot 400-500 

last weekend a went to your place.actually, it's the 3rd time l'd been,i met with farah and talk a little bit about study,our batch and 
etc.em..l likes the condition there in uia pj and feel like want to study 
there plak! it's a nice place with lots of space to move around, Islamic 
'atmosphere' and also the existence of many of my close friend there.

so,you're going home? selamat pulang and have the happy moment there in our 
beloved it that you're having short break or just weekend?
this is the first time you're alone without your family,so it's just neutral 
to feel little for me,during my first month there at 
pilah,the same thing also happened.but,after almost 6 months faraway from 
mum and dad,and bro-sisters,this had gonewe have to learn be on our own 
because you know in future, do you want to live everytime
with them? possible isn't it.

ok that's all and hope to hear from u soon.about the call i think i can't 
make it because it's too expensive if i want to make a call with publis 
phone here to k'tan.maybe next time ok!if you want to send any letter or 
anything,i'm eager to wait for that.just use the adress i'd given to u 


Thursday, 20 July 2000

reply: "waalaikumussalam here"

a'kum and namaste,
 first of all, congratulation for getting the prize
on the prizes-giving several days lucky
you're. As for me..I mean MMP's prize-giving day,
there's  nothing information yet about that. Usually
the day held in June but this time maybe have some
changes...however I don't bother about that..but
that's not mean I don't want something from my
previous school, just if MMP have something more
special than that.
Now, about your study...
How far have you been in learning Germany
language?(what's the specific name for that
language?).How many times U have to study it in a
week?..and so on.
For me, there are 9 contact hours for attending
English class.This morning I've sat for Bio & Maths'
Quizzes...the questions for Maths are tuffer than
Bio...but I hope the result is the best...INSYAALLAH.
  Just for your info, I'll back to KB on 5/8 until 9/8
or 10/8.Just you imagine...I've been here for more
than 1 month & the chance for me to go home just a few
days...As you know, I've never been stayed at any
hostel before although I've got the chance in 1998
(when I got the offer from SMAP Kajang).
Okay, last but not least, I hope you'll be stronger in
the future...Study smart , always remember Allah & may
Allah bless you in whatever you do...
#Do feel free to contact me...For the letter, I'm not
promise when the suitable time will come....

Hasni (ATIE)...:)

Wednesday, 19 July 2000

"assalamualaikum there"

a'kum and guten tag,

Wie geht es Ihnen?(how're you) as for me, al-hamdulillah.About the change of 
my course actually my parent had agreed with it because it is whom will 
going to futher my study there, but unfortunately the JPA seems to be very 
strict about this thing and they will never allow anybody to change to 
his/her choice without a very concrete and rasional reason.However,my 
English teacher at MML,Cikgu Anisah, if you know her,are trying to help me 
in this case with her husband's help.So now,i'm concentrating on my study 
and if the god says that you should go to other country, so then i'll go.

em..last weekend i went back to home and also spent a little of
my time visiting my beloved former school.Actually there was a prizes-giving 
day on last saturday at my school for excellent students last year .
For spm there was 10 person of last year's batch chosen to receive the prize 
from our respected MB, Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abd Aziz Nik Mat.What about your 
school? When will MMP held this ceremony?I'm sure you're among the first to 
be invited on that day.

ok, ithink that's all the important thing i want to tell you.hope to hear 
from you soon.Wassalam and Auf Wiedersehen.


Thursday, 13 July 2000

Re: "Macamane studi and life skrg?"

a'kum and guten tag

apa khabar? harap macam biasa jer. sorry gak to hear that u got bad demam 
masa nak amik EPT tu.tapi macamaner pun,hope anti ok jer skrg.Ok,straight to 
the point.

Pasal Fizah yg dpt medic tu dia dah daftar dah ker kat banting? kalau dah 
bagus lerr..ader gak our batch yg buat medic kat UK.kalau tak,maybe that's 
her choice and it's actually up to her,pasal medic ni..kalau tak betul2 
minat tak yah amik lerr.Sbb course ni mmmg the toughest especially kat 
uK.Tapi kalau betul minat,mmg seronok laa studi.

i'm sorry pasal mintak tolong bagitau alamat ngan emel tu.Ingatkan anti dah 
kenal ngan kawan2 ana tu.sbrnya ana ader pegi bermlm kat UIA 2 minggu 
lepas.saja,jumpa kawan2 ngan abe Ahmad.

Ana sbrnya mmg best friend ngan Ahmad.kira macam bro-bro ler..tak pun close 
friend.since Oration dulu,we're always be together if there's any chance. 
there's alot to talk and to discuss/or debate since he was a political sc 
student.Pasal farah ngan ahmad tu..tak yah nak bising2 la rasanya. i'm among 
the 1st to know about them..ntah selagi that's thing tka melampaui 
batas..rasanya that's ok! so what do u think about this?
it's natural for human and even Allah also state this in the holy Quran.

Hmm..esok ana nak balik kelantan sbb sabtu ader penyampaian hadiah kat sambil balik tu boleh gak pegi ceremony tu, jumpa kawan cikgu 
ngan my beloved maahad.anti tak balik or planning to go back ker?
tapi rasanya anti baru jer sebulan kat UIA kan..dah rindu umah kerr...?

ana skrg tgh tunggu my dad utk try uruskan pertukaran ..Insya Allah, kalau 
dapat ana nak try mintak UK or US,tapi maybe impossible kot.
JPA kata tak boleh tapi tak tau laa..we learn by try and error.kalau dapat 
uk mmg ana akan pegi,tapi US tu kena pikir dulu kot.anyway,a level kat sini 
pun dah ok,cuma abstacle bahasa ngan tempoh yg lama kat sana buat ana nak 
tukar tu.

ok laa..that's all i think.hope to see u soon and may ALlah bless u in all 
your work and daily life.Auf wiedersehen.