Wednesday, 19 July 2000

"assalamualaikum there"

a'kum and guten tag,

Wie geht es Ihnen?(how're you) as for me, al-hamdulillah.About the change of 
my course actually my parent had agreed with it because it is whom will 
going to futher my study there, but unfortunately the JPA seems to be very 
strict about this thing and they will never allow anybody to change to 
his/her choice without a very concrete and rasional reason.However,my 
English teacher at MML,Cikgu Anisah, if you know her,are trying to help me 
in this case with her husband's help.So now,i'm concentrating on my study 
and if the god says that you should go to other country, so then i'll go.

em..last weekend i went back to home and also spent a little of
my time visiting my beloved former school.Actually there was a prizes-giving 
day on last saturday at my school for excellent students last year .
For spm there was 10 person of last year's batch chosen to receive the prize 
from our respected MB, Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abd Aziz Nik Mat.What about your 
school? When will MMP held this ceremony?I'm sure you're among the first to 
be invited on that day.

ok, ithink that's all the important thing i want to tell you.hope to hear 
from you soon.Wassalam and Auf Wiedersehen.


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