Thursday, 20 July 2000

reply: "waalaikumussalam here"

a'kum and namaste,
 first of all, congratulation for getting the prize
on the prizes-giving several days lucky
you're. As for me..I mean MMP's prize-giving day,
there's  nothing information yet about that. Usually
the day held in June but this time maybe have some
changes...however I don't bother about that..but
that's not mean I don't want something from my
previous school, just if MMP have something more
special than that.
Now, about your study...
How far have you been in learning Germany
language?(what's the specific name for that
language?).How many times U have to study it in a
week?..and so on.
For me, there are 9 contact hours for attending
English class.This morning I've sat for Bio & Maths'
Quizzes...the questions for Maths are tuffer than
Bio...but I hope the result is the best...INSYAALLAH.
  Just for your info, I'll back to KB on 5/8 until 9/8
or 10/8.Just you imagine...I've been here for more
than 1 month & the chance for me to go home just a few
days...As you know, I've never been stayed at any
hostel before although I've got the chance in 1998
(when I got the offer from SMAP Kajang).
Okay, last but not least, I hope you'll be stronger in
the future...Study smart , always remember Allah & may
Allah bless you in whatever you do...
#Do feel free to contact me...For the letter, I'm not
promise when the suitable time will come....

Hasni (ATIE)...:)

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