Saturday, 28 January 2012

Birthday Giveaway - The Red Lips Blush

* Salam *
Lawa kan model kt atas tu? hehe...itulah empunya diri bagi blog 

She's organizing this GA in celebrating her 29th birthday this month :) 

Mom to 2 lovely daughters ni ada menyediakan khidmat berikut:

Makeup Services:
* Bridal/Wedding * Engagement/Photoshoot *Event/Dinner * Day/Night * 
* Personal to Advance Makeup Class *

Other Services:
* Wedding Packages * Facial Treatment * Small to Medium Catering *

Online & Offline Shop:
* Affiliate Business (Ads4bucks) * Telecommunication/Accessories/Top Up *
* Contact Lens * Scarves * Cosmetics * Fashion Collections *

pheww...serba boleh kan cik Lina ni ;p cayalah!!

cik Lina juga ada provide bbrp makeup tutorial videos dlm la subscribe kat SINI
salah satu makeup tutorial yg Atie suka tgk: GLAMOROUS LOOK

kwn2 yg berminat nk dptkn servis dari Widelia Makeup & Beauty, blh lah refer kt sini ye:

her latest phone no.: 013-3127495

her other blogs:

to know her in person & her company, check this FB & FanPage:

GA Gift is Cotton Long Dress (blue)

this GA will end in 2 days on 
31 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday!!


Mizzrose 18 colors Eye Pallete


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    1. hehe... :) suka tgk org yg pandai make-up..nanti blh lah atie bljr slowly melalui video2 lina :)