Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Contest : Karakter Pilihanku bersama NZ & JL

* Salam *

Closing: 9 Feb 2012

Karakter Kartun Pilihan Atie

Sayalah Wall-E

Ini kawan setia saya, Cockroach
Kerja saya membersihkan timbunan sampah yg manusia buang

Satu hari, saya terjumpa Eve dan terus suka kepadanya

Saya telah memberikan Eve satu-satunya pohon yg masih hidup di Bumi


oppp..terlebih 30 patah perkataan ;p to be continued ye kawan2..
siapa yg ingin tahu kisah selanjutnya, tontonilah karakter kartun yg Atie minat ni dlm filem

p/s: ini sinopsis cerita serba sedikit ;p

The movie is about WALL-E,
the last robot left on Earth after the humans abandoned the planet because life was unsustainable.

He sticks to his daily routine of compacting garbage on the ground into square boxes, but in the comfort of his home, he enjoys watching movies and slow-dancing.

WALL-E is alone on Earth, apart from a friendly cockroach.

One day, WALL-E finds something rare, a living plant growing in the ground.
A few days later, a newer robot named EVE arrives on Earth seeking out proof that life on the planet would again be possible.

WALL-E meets EVE and feels strongly for her--he is a robot capable of feeling emotion. WALL-E decides to show EVE the plant and she automatically confiscates it.

When a ship comes down to Earth to evaluate EVE's findings, WALL-E climbs on board and follows her. The ship takes them to the Axiom where all the humans are. The humans are overweight and lazy because they just sit in chairs and let technology fulfill their basic needs for them.

EVE's plant is analyzed and the captain of the Axion insists that human life is again possible on Earth. The ship's autopilot ignores the captain and prevents him from directing the ship towards Earth. The autopilot also tries to get rid of WALL-E and the plant evidence.

Eventually, the captain gains full control of the ship, deactivates the autopilot, and returns to Earth. The humans finally get out of their chairs and learn to live on their own again. The humans and robots then help restore Earth and together make life on Earth sustainable once again.

No.: 38


  1. hey. nuha datang jenguk peserta. thanks for joining! ♥

    pernah tengok cita nehhh! hehe :)

    good luck! ♥

    1. slm hehe...best kan cite ni ;p nuha dh join GA akak berkahir 12 feb (by 10am) ni? klau belum jemputlah ye, masih sempat ;p jenguk kt sticky post ye..tq