Monday, 13 February 2012

February 2012 Giveaway - My 30th Birthday

Due: 29 Feb 2012

1st of all, Atie ucapkan

ini kek utk cik puan birthday 'girl' ahaks...nyum nyum

dan ini hadiah maya dari Atie....hehe a bunch of colourful flowers, just 4 u!!

suka x? ;p hope u like it...

FYI, i'm turning 30 too this year...and here is for both of us...

setuju x ngn statement ni? hehehe...

ok, ini impian Atie so far utk thn 2012....

My Wishlist

* celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary this year at Karambunai Nexus Resort & Spa, Sabah *

* start building our dream house as early as this April 2012 *

* own a stable & recognized blogshop & fanpage to earn extra income *

* own a scuba diving licence from PADI @ Semporna, Sabah *

* really hope to getcute & healthy twin/ triplets baby ;p *

.... and the list go on ....

Pray Hard

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