Wednesday, 1 February 2012



My Resolution for 2012
short-term: load high blog traffic by organizing, joining & sponsoring GA;
hope for winning many contests too ;p

intermediate: hope to get good result in my recent Masters programme so that
get good position once back to office ;p

long-term: be a good servant to God, good wife to hubby, good daughter to parents & PIL, good sister to siblings, good worker to my boss (MOH), and good person to relatives, friends & others.
My Wishlist

* celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary this year at Karambunai Nexus Hotel/Sepang Golden Palm Tree *
* start building our dream house as early as this April 2012 *
* own a stable & recognized blogshop & fanpage to earn extra income *
* own a scuba diving licence from PADI @ Semporna, Sabah *
* really hope to get twin/ triplets baby ;p *

.... and the list go on ....

Pray Hard

Due: 29 February 2012

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